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Custom and Personalized Party Favors

Direct Shipping of Party Favors

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The next time you are thinking about sending a gift or promotional giveaway to customers or colleagues, business groups or charity donors, even friends and family, wouldn’t it be nice to have a virtual assistant who can handle all your personalized party favor needs? Someone who takes that long list of recipients, prepares your packages, gets them wrapped up and labeled just right, and sends them on their way?

Let The Olive Oil Source Party Favors team take care of all the details for your next corporate thank-you, business building promotion or even personal gift mailing. No matter how long the list, we can handle it for you. Here are our direct shipping instructions to read before you prepare your mailing addresses.

When you choose from our incredibly wide array of high quality olive oils and vinegars for your next gift-giving event, we can simplify your busy life by handling all the details. You just decide on the products and the style of label – whether it’s one of our quick and easy options from the Ready-To-Go collection or a fully customized and personalized label created with the help of our specialist. Then just provide us with the mailing list and consider it taken care of. Custom and personalized party favors are our business, so let us take care of it so you can focus on yours!

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